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MTI Plc is a diversified project development group offering high-performance infrastructure that assists service providers, enterprises and private sector organizations to create value and accelerate business success within the new changing African (global) marketplace.

The foundation of MTI Plc was laid with its incorporation in December 2001. It commenced operations in the year 2002 as an Information Communication and Technology (ICT) company to provide a broad spectrum of world-class telecommunication products and services. It became a publicly quoted company in March 2008 with four distinct subsidiaries.

Headquartered in Lagos, MTI has offices in Ghana and Nigeria, and employs approximately 192 employees. The prime objective of this uniquely positioned company is to implement infrastructure projects on a commercial format. MTI’s business is to build quality, independently owned and operated infrastructure to service Sub-Saharan African needs in telecommunication, energy, transport and sanitation on an open-access, open-book and common-user basis.


  • Vission
  • Mission
"To become the leading infrastructure company in sub-sahara Africa."

" To provide qualitative infrastructure solutions via cutting edge techniques, using a highly skilled, experienced and well motivated work force to meet customers' needs, while guaranteeing healthy return to our stakeholders"


  • Business Philosophy
  • Safety Policy 2

We at MTI PLC have realised that the key to deploying robust, cost effective and scalabe communications infrastructure for a rapid expanding continental market as ours, is by harnessing cutting-edge technique using an adaptive and innovate approach against the framework of a world class management capacity and deep cultivated financing prowess


MTI Plc regards the safety of its employee, sub-contractors and the public in all her operational units as paramount. This goal is targeted at recording zero health and safety incidents during the duration of its project. To that end, all employees and workforce will undergo on commencement of any project a health and safety induction and any specific training deemed necessary.


MTI Plc Project Engineers ensure that sub-contractors conform with all sites safety standards.

services service service service

MTI-Engineering Services

MTI Unitower Network Services

MTI Mass Power Integrated Services

MTI Oil and Gas

Our four subsidiary businesses are consolidated and run as an integrated telecommunication, power infrastructure and Oil & Gas facilities development group of companies comprising MTI-Engineering Services Limited; MTI - Unitower Network Services Limited; Mass Power Integrated Services Limited and MTI-Oil & Gas Services Limited.

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